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#107, 10920-84 Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB
T8V 6H2

Phone: 780-532-2282
Fax: 780-532-2206
Toll Free: 1-877-532-2282

Trillian Mortgage Inc. (Trillian) has separated the Commercial/Farm loan department from its residential one to serve you better. Sandy McDonald look after the Commercial/Farm division.

Trillian has a pool of lenders who are interested in considering a variety of loan requests. New lenders are also added to the pool on an on-going basis. Financing is available for:

Purchase of land, building(s), equipment, office furniture, fixtures etc.
Purchase of business assets or shares (change of ownership)
Purchase of rental property
Refinancing, including equity take-outs
Working Capital
Bank declines

We also have companies that will provide "Lease Financing" on equipment, agricultural products, furnishings, technology and communications equipment, etc.
The process for securing a Commercial/Farm loan, mortgage, or lease is as follows:

1. Trillian will complete a free initial review of your proposal to determine its feasibility for financing. We will also discuss with you the loan process, interest rates, terms and conditions, security requirements, and list of additional information required to proceed.

2. If it is deemed to be feasible to pursue financing, a brokers fee will be negotiated and formalized by way of a signed "Brokers Agreement". (The broker's fee is not payable unless financing is successfully arranged for you. Payment is made at the time the loan funds are advanced).

3. After the initial review Trillian will gather the necessary information and documents from you to complete an in-depth review of the proposal. Any questions or issues regarding the proposal will be addressed and clarified at that time.

4. A formal Credit Application will then be prepared by Trillian and submitted to a prospective lender(s) along with the necessary support documentation. (We will have normally talked to a prospective lender(s) about the project after our initial review so that they are receptive to, and expecting receipt of, the Credit Application)

5. Upon approval of the Credit Application, the lender will issue a formal "Commitment Letter" to the applicant, outlining the details of the loan, for consideration and acceptance.

6. When the applicant accepts and signs the "Commitment Letter" the lender will arrange for the preparation of the security documents for signature and registration. When all the security is in place the loan funds will be advanced by the lender.

Because most commercial/farm proposals are unique, we encourage you to either call or make an appointment with Sandy to discuss your proposal.